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Wednesday, 28 November 2018
How to Use Facebook Ads For Your Website

How to Use Facebook Ads For Your Website

Nowadays the use of social media not only for communicating with other people all around the world, but also to earn money by promoting or monetizing products. One of the social media that has an advertisement feature is Facebook. Facebook advertisement is purchased on an auction basis, the advertisers will get pay based on either impressions, clicks, and actions. You can find different ad formats that offered on Facebook.

You can publish or even create all types of ads that offered through a certified ads API developer or Facebook’s self-service. A certified ads API developer will help you in managing your Facebook advertising if you need a more comprehensive tool. The ads will deliver all across Facebook and some formats are shown in the Facebook news feed.
If you interested to use ads feature on Facebook, here some steps on how to use Facebook ads. Let’s check this one out.

How to Use Facebook Ads

  1. Set some goals for your page
It’s important to think what you’re aiming to achieve and the reason why you’re advertising before you create any adverts. Setting a few goals for the future of your ads and it can also measure the success of your page. For example, in the first month, you could set a goal of 100 downloads if you want to increase download of your app through Facebook Ads.
For your Facebook Ads campaign, the goals will help you to choose the correct objective. The goals could generate new leads, increase the attendance at my event, increase traffic to my website from Facebook, boost engagement for our Facebook page and increase the reach of our content on Facebook.
  1. Go to Facebook Ads Manager
Step two of how to use Facebook Ads is you can head over to Facebook Ads Manager, which Facebook campaigns run through it. You can access or by selecting “Manage Ads” menu on your Facebook account. You can also click any of the CTAs on the Facebook page. You can navigate with the menu on the left-hand side once you’re into the Facebook Ads Manager. If you want to get started with your first ad, just click the green button which in the top-right corner of the page.
  1. Choose your objective
The next step of how to use Facebook Ads is choosing your objective. These objectives are important for your campaign. Facebook has many different ways of approaching ad campaign and its benefits. There are three categories such as awareness, consideration, and conversion. After selected the marketing objective, you will be asked about your campaign name.
  1. Customizing the audience and budget
The target audience is important for the success of your ads campaigns on Facebook. You can customized the audience based on the location (like country, state, zip code, city, and address), languages, gender, age, behaviors (like purchase behavior), connections (choose to show the add to all people on Facebook), and interests (like person’s interest, the pages they’ve like, activity, and related topics. There is also a Connections setting which help you to choose advanced targeting.
After selecting the target audience, you need to choose how much budget you’d like to spend on your ad. It’s important to remember the maximum amount of money when you set a budget. There are two types of budget you can choose, such as Daily or Lifetime. A daily budget is like the average amount of money that you will spend every day. Also, a lifetime budget is the maximum money that you will spend on your advert set during the lifetime.
  1. Create your own advert
It’s time to show your creativity by choosing the images o video headline, body text and the location of your ad will be displayed. If you choose text, you will get 90 characters to share a short message along with the images or video on Facebook. Here you can use an existing post that has been shared on the Facebook page. Choose which page you want to select a post or pick the post from to use it as your advert.
You can also create a new advert that started with a blank canvas. So, you should select the format you want two use for your ads. Facebook offered 5 types of formats for your adverts, such as the carousel, single video, single image, canvas, and slideshow.
  1. Select your ad placement
The last step on how to use Facebook Ads is to select your ad placement. Advert placement is an important thing to choose because it will be shown locations of your Ads. Your adverts may appear in Facebook’s Newsfeed, mobile News feed, and right column. The ads that you’ve created to appear on Instagram.
You may use the default placement that recommended by Facebook for the objective you choose. It can enable Facebook to optimize your ads placements in order to get possible results at coverage cost.
That’s all about how to use Facebook Ads, hope that the information will be useful and helpful for us.
How to Promote a Product Using Social Media

How to Promote a Product Using Social Media

Are you an owner of online commerce or only a seller of products? Nowadays social media becomes a popular and easy thing to promote your product. It will be a definite way of reaching out to the potential and existing buyers in the shortest possible time and at least cost.
Most people around the world using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and etc. It is important to include these communities in promoting a product or other business. The number of people that you can reach by social media is so huge, so it will give a big impact to your business and increase the sales.
Using social media or social networking is cheaper than the traditional marketing and also other advertising methods, such as put the products in newspaper, magazine or even television. Promoting the product using social media by determining where your customers and potential customers are, then also to get your product visible on that websites.
So, how to promote a product using social media? Just check and read clearly the information below.
How to Promote a Product Using Social Media
  1. Target the Social Media Where You Want to Promote the Product
The first thing on how to promote a product using social media is targetting the social media where you want to promote the product. You have to know most of your customers are using what kind of social media. Most people might be using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Then, you have to consider other social networking like Tumblr and Pinterest that are growing.
  1. Make your Goal
Secondly, you should make or establish your goal on How to Promote a Product Using Social Media. If you want to promote a product, make sure that you do it specifically about what else you want to do, you can do it to sell more products, attracting return customers or gaining new customers for increasing the sales.
  1. Set Up a Facebook Page
The next steps how to promote a product using social media is by setting up a Facebook page. It’s better for you to have your own page, where people can like it, share it, comment or even leave the honest reviews. It can be the best promotion, because most people can link to your website.
The Facebook page will encourage people to like your product page, offer incentives such as coupons and also much discounts. So, other people can join the community and make it growing higher.
  1. Create a Twitter Account
Most people do not always use Facebook as their social media, so creating a twitter account to promote your product is a must. You can promote the product with 140 characters to talk about it by attracting the followers. Make sure that you follow people, brands and companies that might be interested in your product or business. The more people you follow, then also the more followers you have a chance of attracting too. So, follow everyone to develop your business.
  1. Use LinkedIn
You can use LinkedIn if your product is relevant to businesses and also professionals. This social media predominantly used by professionals and also business people, so you can set up a group in it for your product and reach out to people you could serve. You can post the reviews and updates regularly. If your product doesn’t sell in the business world niche, so you can skip it.
  1. Use Blog to Promote your Product
Do you have a blog? You can use your own blog to write the details of the product you sell, the benefits and also the popularity of your product. You have to encourage the people to share your posts and share them on their social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or etc.
  1. Put Together a YouTube Video
Most people in the world watch billions of YouTube videos every day, so it will be the best of social media to promote your products. Make a video or slideshow of your product, give the details and also benefits. Make it viral, so it gets forwarded and viewed by many different people around the world.
  1. Join other Social Media or Social Networking Communities
You can explore yourself by joining the other social media or social networking communities, such as Tumblr, Pinterest or even Google Plus. You can ask your customers about some questions, like where they like to go online. You can do it by taking a poll on the Facebook page or ask for leaving comments on your blog. It can give you so many ideas.

Then, the most effective way of promoting through social media or social networking sites is to appoint social media marketers. The social media marketers have trained professionals in doing social media marketing against a charge, which as they are aware of the current trends and possibilities in social media.

That’s all the information about how to promote a product using social media that you have to know. So, now you don’t need much efforts to promote your product right? Hope it will be useful for us.
Wednesday, 24 October 2018
9 Things You Need to Consider Before Start Your Startup Business

9 Things You Need to Consider Before Start Your Startup Business

9 Things You Need to Consider Before Start Your Startup Business

Starting a startup or a business requires long-term technical, financial and also emotional commitment. We’ve seen and understood why some of them succeed and the rest is failed. They might often lack one thing or more they could not address or manage which eventually forces them to shut down before the could get traction.

9 things you need to consider before start your startup business

So, there are 9 things you need to consider before start your startup business :
  1. Implementation is important
    The things you need to consider before start your startup business is making an implementation. The idea may easy to come, but if you do not implement it, everything is nothing.
  1. Solve a problem close to heart
    The things you need to consider before start your startup business is solving a problem close to heart. When you have lived with the problem, just try to understand it with personal experience, survive and also realize it. Then, you will get the solution.
  1. Getting started even it is not a perfection
    You have to start even though that’s not perfect. Just try to work to fulfill the client’s requirements as per their direction, so they will keep requesting for any modifications to be made midway in the development process.

  1. Build the prototype, validate the product and listen to users
    The fourth things you need to consider before start your startup business is don’t try to compete with Facebook by gaining your product with the same features as Facebook does. You can just try to address a problem that Facebook hasn’t and find out the reason behind it. Just focus on that.
  1. Give the solution first, don’t fall in love with your design
    If you fall in love with your design, then don’t do it. Customers want your solution, not only about the design of thing that you served.
  1. Think about the problem you want to solve
    Every entrepreneur often feel confused about the successful product with a product that has many features. This is totally wrong, you just can remove those unwanted features. You are better off with the great modules that give you a clear problem.
  1. Love your customers, let them love your product
    The seventh things you need to consider before start your startup business is with loving your customers first. You can make a product that your target users need. Your customer is the most important people, which is they are the stakeholder. Try to love them, respect and also let them love your product.
  1. Trust your guts, but verify with validation
    Your target audience should agree with your gut feeling, like validated your product. You can find the right product-market even though it is tricky and get traction is even trickier.
  1. Is it your site converting users or is it simply your visiting card ?
    Your site needs to be engaging and also to be appealing to the target audience. Then, you’re increasing the probability of the customers of getting converted by subscribing to the newsletter, sending a contact request and simply buy the product.
How to Create AdMob Account

How to Create AdMob Account

How to Create AdMob Account

AdMob is an advertising platform developed by Google for monetizing and promoting mobile applications. This advertising platform is similar to MoPub, so it allows developers to promote or monetize their applications through in-app ads. It also provides Google Analytics for intelligent insights.

AdMob is compatible with iOS and Android platforms supported by Unity and Cocos as gaming engines. You can connect your AdMob accounts with AdWords account to help you distribute the ads for iOS, Android and gaming applications. You can also create mobile app install, these campaigns will help you to get more people to download your applications by applying AdWords custom keywords, targeting based on your application ID and other information.
So, are you excited to know more about AdMob? Here ’s how to create AdMob account you need to know.

How to Create AdMob Account

  1. Before you create AdMob account, it’s better for you to sign up for another account you will need such as AdSense and AdWords account. You will need AdSense account for the registration process, you will be guided to creating an account if you don’t have one. You should cancel your present AdSense account if you want to change accounts.
  2. You will also need AdWords Account. You can connect both AdSense and Adwords accounts to AdMob, but you are not allowed to change the accounts. There are limitations for the details that you can change or edit the payment address, time zone, and billing currency.
  3. You can create mobile app install by connecting AdMob to AdWords. The campaign will make you get the specific number of people to download your applications, by applying custom keywords, targeting, and advertisements through AdWords based on your application ID and information. AdMob Meditation is one of the unique features you can find. It allows you to make house ad campaigns, which can help you to serve ads by using your inventory and also free charge to your app.
  4. The campaign performance can be easily evaluated by tracking installs the AdMob as conversions. You can access all the dimensions and metrics to your application such as user engagement, revenue, acquisition, screen views, sessions, screen size, app version and more. It happens because the AdMob integrates with Google Analytics. Here you can also gain the use of the perspective of your application on how the use it.
  5. But how to create AdMob account? First, all you need is to select the Google account that you are going to use, or you create it if you don’t have the existing one. The next step, you should go to and sign in using your Google Account that you have chosen before. Make sure that your Google account is connected with your AdSense account.
  6. Don’t worry if you don’t have both, you will guide by selecting Create an account link and you should fill the registration form of creating a Google account. After you finish the process of creating an account, you can return back to and sign in using the new Google account that you have created before.
  7. The next step on how to create AdMob account, you should select the Sign up for AdMob. You can find the review of your AdWords and AdSense accounts information, if its connected to your Google account. You can choose which Google account that you want to use by selecting Yes use. You can go back to select the different account or create another one by selecting Use a different or new Google account.

That’s all about how to create AdMob account, it’s so simple, right? AdMob usually used to earn money through ads that show your application page. There are two types of advertisement which appear on your apps such as banner ads and interstitial ads.
Banner ads usually using a rectangular graphic display that showed across the bottom, the top, and sides of the website or application. The purpose of banner ads is to promote a brand or to get the number of visitors from the application to go to the advertiser’s website.
Interstitial ads are the full-screen ad that covering the interface and appearing at transition points of natural apps. It gave the option for users to skip the ads. You can find the difference between interstitial and banner ads are if the interstitial ads covering all the screen. The ads look catchier and more effective to gain a lot of visitors.
The interstitial ads have higher rates of click-through than banner ads. It because of the size of the ads and bigger impressions on users. Users can skip the ads to return back to the application or click the ad if they want.
Well, right now you have known how to create AdMob account in a simple way. AdMob will help you to earn money by promoting and monetizing your applications. You can use both the banner or interstitial ads to show on your application page. Hope it will be useful for you.
10 Best Google Adsense Alternative on 2018

10 Best Google Adsense Alternative on 2018

10 Best Google Adsense Alternative on 2018

Do you know Google Adsense right? It has been the most of bloggers choices to make money from their 
blogs for the number of years. But, this day you have to know that there are so many excellent reasons to look for Google Adsense alternatives. It will be useful for us because Google Adsense sometimes gives us hard time.

Google Adsense alternative will help you to add some additional money or income streams or just to keep your website income diversified. It will be possible like other people suggesting with some of the alternatives. If you want to know, here the list of 10 best Google Adsense alternative on 2018 :
10 Best Google Adsense alternative on 2018
  1. Adsterra
    Adsterra is one of the best Google Adsense alternative on 2018 that has innovative formats and also growing the number of large brands using this platform. It provides a user-friendly platform and gives the publishers a 100% fill rate along with industry’s highest CPM.
  1. Exoclick
    You can use this Easy Monetizer in Monetizeasite as your best Google Adsense alternative . This Monetizeasite allows you to automate affiliate linking so much that the process will get easier as monetizing through an ad network.
  1. Meridian at
    This one of the best Google Adsense alternative on 2018 accepts publishers of any size and will pay them per ad impression. You’ll get paid whether or not your visitor clicks on the ad.
  1. OIO Publishers
    OIO Publishers is one of 10 best google Adsense alternative on 2018 that allows you to monetize the website by managing your own ads. When it’s set up, then the plugin will automate aspects that involved in the process of selling ads on your site.
  1. Viglink
    Viglink will convert the ordinary links to qualifying products on your website into affiliate links that you can earn money form. They may keep 25% or more percentage of your earnings, so you can get the rest.
  1. Skimlinks
    Skimlinks will give you the option to convert or automatically insert affiliate links into the existing content.
  1. Blogher
    BlogHer offers publishers the additional opportunities, like sponsored posts and paid product reviews.
  1. Bidvertiser
    Bidvertiser offers publishers the incentives and referral program that pays for referrals of both advertisers and also publishers.
  1. Infolinks
    Infolinks provides some choices of monetization to publishers. The option will insert text ads into it wherever they have an appropriate ad to show the visitors. If the visitor’s mouse hovers over the text link, then the ad will pop up for the visitor to view.
  1. Prosperent
    Prosperent is the 10th rank of best Google Adsense alternative on 2018. It offers the publishers the opportunity to become sub-affiliate under their account. They will keep 30% of commission for small publishers and 20% for larger publishers.
Those are about 10 Best google Adsense alternative on 2018 that you have to know. I hope this article will be useful for us, for you who looking for best google Adsense alternative on 2018 to make much money. Let’s try it!
Adsense Alternatives

Adsense Alternatives

Adsense Alternatives

A lot of people have begun using Google’s AdSense program, but there are a few people who find it a somewhat too unsure or just not suiting their particular needs from an advertising program.

But thankfully for these men and women, there are many options to AdSense that try to relieve some of its own shortcomings. Here’s a listing of the most notable ones out of the lot with a description concerning everyone.

AllFeeds has a great pool of online advertisers to choose from. It also features many display formats that you can choose from. These include banners, buttons, XML feeds, DHTML pop-ups and so on. It also features real time reporting of your ad status. The site will mail a check every month, provided that you earn more then $25.00, while rolling over earnings for the next month if you don’t. Another interesting thing about AllFeeds is that it integrates with Google AdSense, maximizing your earnings with AdSense.

RealContext uses Artificial intelligence to retrieve the most relevant ads for your page. And there’s an extra feature which makes RealContext unique as well. Keywords are selected based upon which previous selections payed off and which didn’t. That means there’s a constant feedback process that ensures you gain better revenue from your ads. It also supports blocking certain adds and child-safe filtering and many more options.

AffiliateSensor has highly customizable ad blocks, which you can make for yourself with an easy to use on-line interface. You also get realtime reporting with clicks-by-domain, page and refferer. There’s integration with Google AdSense as well, through the google_alternate_ad_url so AffiliateSensor can be used as a substitute for Google PSA’s (Public Service Ads).

Kanoodle’s offering allows publishers to get ads related to topics or segments, and not the traditional keyword oriented ads. The site also groups publisher sites with advertisers by hand to ensure high-revenue generating ads. And speaking of revenue, the amount of money you receive is a clear 50% share of the amount of money Kanoodle recieves for an advertiser.

Propeller Ads is an advertisinga marketing company register in The UK. The company supply solutions to both Publishers happy to monetize their site or app Target market and advertisers ready to advertise their brand names, products or services.

AdHearus is a very feature-packed contextual ad provider. As with AdSense, advertisements are targeted but it doesn’t stop here at all. The ads are very flexible, you can select from text-ads, banners, rectangles, pop-ups, pop-unders or skyscrapers. You can also display your own ads, through rotation, both on your site and on other affiliate sites, which makes AdHearus a hybrid with conventional advertising technologies. There’s a very comprehensive on-line real time reporting feature and, as usual with such services, starting out is free and it’s a breeze.
Monday, 22 October 2018
How to Withdraw Money from Paypal Without Credit Card

How to Withdraw Money from Paypal Without Credit Card

How to Withdraw Money from Paypal Without Credit Card

PayPal is a payment processing system to make transactions and purchases online and used  by millions people worldwide. PayPal’s  suppliance stems that it has user to user transactions system supports and the transactions are easy to accomplish. The things you need is your email address.
Usually new PayPal accounts will automatically limited until the accounts are verified. PayPal has limitations block on certains features and limitation on the amount of money that can be transfer to the other users or withdraw to your bank account.
Your can confirming and adding  a credit card or a bank account to make your account verified. All those verification options may be available in some countries or not. You can check it out the details at PayPal’s website.
If you want to verified your bank account you can just click the account information and then choose the verification form. PayPal will give you options for two small payments .  the account that you need to confirm is for the account statement that are listed.
PayPal will refund your money after the verification. PayPal also will withdraw  a small amount of money  and usually verifying bank account by credit card is faster than bank account process .

How to Withdraw Money from Paypal Without Credit Card 

You can also withdraw money if you don’t have a bank account or credit card, here the step how to withdraw money from PayPal without credit card :
There are alternative option if you do not have a credit card, you can withdraw money from PayPal accounts by check.
  1. The first step how to withdraw money from PayPal without credit card is log in to your PayPal account.
  2. After that how to withdraw money from PayPal without credit card, under your PayPal balance you can click “Transfer to your bank”.
  3. The last step how to withdraw money from PayPal without credit card is you can click “Request a check by mail instead”.
After you do the procedural how to withdraw money from PayPal without credit card above, you will received a mail that arrives in about 1 or 2 weeks.
  • It can’t be canceled after you have requested a withdrawal.
  • You can withdraw for about $1.51 and it’s minimum payment.
  • For each withdrawal by check, you should pay for fee that cost $1.50.
  • Your withdrawals can converted as to US Dollars.
  • Make sure you can confirm and an address or verified adding and confirming your bank account. After that you can click “Add an Adress” to confirm an address.
  • PayPal will returning your money to your balance. So you can check it out if chased or deposited.
That’s all about how to withdraw money from PayPal without credit card. You can withdraw your money without a credit card, if you following the right instruction above. If you don’t have PayPal account just signing up because they will help you to make your transactions more easiers. You can just log in into your account to do how to withdraw money from PayPal without credit card.
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